Warrior Mountain Lite custom rifle

Warrior rifle options:

  • Ceramic coating on stock or entire rifle
  • Dipped camo on stock or entire rifle
  • Laser engraving on stock
  • High gloss finish on stock
  • High Grade wood stock

1911 pistol options:

Uselton Arms custom hand made 1911 pistol
  • Damascus slide
  • Damascus hammer
  • Damascus trigger
  • Night sights
  • Adjustable night sights
  • Ambi-safety
  • Race ready bottom
  • Melting
  • Ceramic coating
  • Integrated Aluminum Frames
  • Integrated Aluminum Slides

Exotic grips: inlaid into fine wood

  • Crocodile (belly or back)
  • Stingray (thin line, wide line, diamond, plain)

Standard Grips

  • G-10 (Bone, Black, Coyote)
  • Frag (Black & Dark Earth)
  • Laminated wood (laser logo engraved - smooth or checkered)
  • Alumagrips (laser logo engraved - Black or Gray)
  • Eagle Claw (checkered wood)
If you don't see the options you want please call us. We will be happy to make your dreams come true.